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Sustainable Acoustic Plaster Finishes
Sustainable & Eco Friendly Acoustics

Sustainable Energy
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In the world of acoustic plaster finishes, there's no other high-end treatment that have the same sustainability as BASWA Natural.

A natural and durable acoustic solution.


BASWA Natural acoustic panels are made from natural kenaf plant fibres, covered with an open-pored pre-coating of recycled glass granulate and a top coat of marble sand with a stucco look. BASWA Natural is a 100% organic addition to the existing BASWA Phon range and a world exclusive. BASWA Natural acoustic panels have a minimal ecological footprint thanks to the kenaf wool, obtained from the fast-growing kenaf plant grown in Italy that requires little water, only a small amount of pesticides and absorbs up to 9 times more CO2 than a pine forest. Living comfortably starts with a healthy indoor climate.

sustainable acoustics
BASWA Natural

Natural Acoustic plaster

The Baswa Natural acoustic panel is made of Kenaf natural fibres and has an open-pored pre-coating of recycled glass granulate. The result is a smooth, seamless acoustic ceiling that combines the best ecological properties and sustainability with excellent sound absorption in all frequency ranges.

Natural raw materials and sustainable production are top priorities at Baswa. Consequently, the Baswa Natural acoustic panel is now being developed in addition to conventional acoustic solutions. For the most part, the new panel consists of kenaf fibres. The Fibre from the family of hemp plants (Hibiscus cannabinus) was selected for various reasons. In addition to low water consumption in the growth phase, its resistance and thus the low amounts of chemical fertilizers, Kenaf absorbs CO2 at a significantly high rate. Throughout the entire production process, from the natural fibre to the finished acoustic panel, emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide are further reduced.

With regard to quality and environmental compatibility, the company considers that it has a responsibility, not only to be a leader in terms of sound absorption, but also to promote future-oriented, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

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