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BASWA Shine Acoustic Plaster
Apply some shine to your acoustics


BASWA Shine Acoustic plaster Finish Product Description and Areas of Application

BASWA Shine Glimmer Dispersion is used for post-processing of BASWA acoustic surfaces (glit- ter effect). To see the glitter effect, it must be kept under direct light. The product will not glitter without direct sunlight or artificial light on its surface!

Proper application gives the surface metallic look and colour without much reducing the acoustic performance (slight decrease in absorption values in the medium and high tone range when used in larger concentration). BASWA Shine acoustic plaster is available in standard colours gold/silver and bronze. Other glitter colours (red, blue, green etc.) can also be supplied on request.

BASWA Shine is not suitable for coating existing acoustic surfaces.

The application of BASWA Shine acoustic plaster requires an appropriately coloured substrate. Only BASWA Shine acoustic plaster silver may be applied on a standard white substrate. Example: BASWA Shine gold → (yellow color shades)


Mix the fluid well by shaking the container thoroughly. Repeat this procedure before each use.

Post-processing of BASWA acoustic plaster surfaces with glitter effects Compressed container spray unit
Spray gun
Recommended: DeVilbiss Advance

HD ADV-P510-12 Can 1,2 mm with LK 510
Approximately 0.15 litres/m2 per spray cycle (crosswise)
Approximativ 1 – 6 Min. / m2 (1 to max. 3 spray cycle)
Min. 2 hours between each spray cycle
Leave approx. 24 hours for complete drying (in 20°C / 50% rel. humidity (for acoustic measurements wait min. 48 hours)


be dry, undamaged, checked and accepted by the person in-charge. look approximatively class Q3. If working on one or two coating system,

Cover adjacent elements and structures, walls as well as floors with plastic film and floor liner. Switch off ventilation and air conditioning.


It is possible to work without scaffolding if the room height is max. 2.7 meters.
For room heights above 2.7 metres there is needed a mobile or surface scaffolding.

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