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Acoustic Plaster Textured wall

Acoustic Plaster Textured Walls
Specialist Acoustical Wall Surface Finishes 

In the world of acoustic wall finishes, there's no other high-end treatments that have the same impact as BASWA acoustic.

Quiet Interiors are the UK ‘s No 1 Acoustic Plaster and Acoustic wall finish installers. We have a range of products, including Acoustic ceilings, sound absorbing walls, acoustic high impact finishes and sustainable acoustic available. 

We offer you sophisticated acoustic solutions for all wall finishes using supreme marble plaster, acoustic plaster, and special marble plaster materials, giving you a broad range of styles to choose from. 

BASWA is also a durable and eco-friendly option. Although mainly used on internal ceilings, it can also be used on surfaces like walls and external ceilings. We also offer a range of decorative plaster finishes to achieve a distinctive bespoke effect. 

Our expert craftsmanship can help you to elevate your commercial, residential and retail spaces. Whether you are looking to add a dash of personality to a room, or want to give it a new look our qualified and highly experienced team can help. We use modern, cutting edge technology when designing and handcrafting acoustic plaster, and can tailor the look to your exact requirements, meaning your room will benefit from a unique sound and acoustic plaster finish.

Acoustic Wall Finish
Acoustic Plaster Wall
Acoustic Wall
Custom Acoustic Wall plaster

Acoustic plaster for Walls

BASWA Acoustic is a range sound absorbing plaster products that are utilised to control noise, eliminate  echo and control comb filtering in a room. The objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality. Often used in offices, sanctuaries, meeting rooms, home cinemas, restaurants, listening rooms and more. The purpose of our acoustic plaster is to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance within the room. Acoustic wall plasters deal more with the mid and high frequencies in a room. Sound absorption is different than soundproofing, which is typically used to keep sound from escaping a room.

Acoustic Plaster Walls By Quiet Interiors
Acoustic Plaster Wall
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