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Acoustic Plaster Design for Home Cinema
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"Hear Every Note, Feel Every Scene - Welcome to home Cinema from Quiet Interiors"

Quiet Interiors is your premier provider of home cinema solutions, offering custom designs, professional building and installation services, expert acoustic calibrations and world class audio visual technology. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust Quiet Interiors to create a top-quality and immersive home cinema experience.

Our home cinema supply and install service offers a turn-key solution to your entertainment needs. We provide acoustic plaster and acoustic design to create the perfect soundscape, as well as full build and installation services.

Elevate Your Home Cinema Experience with Our Acoustic Plaster Solutions

Acoustic Plaster is the perfect choice for the home cinema enthusiast, providing superior acoustic insulation and sound dampening capabilities to any room. Acoustic Plaster will dramatically enhance the sound of any home cinema room, while also coming in any colour to fit the room’s aesthetics. Acoustic plaster provides an alternative option than fabrics when it comes to design, as well as helping to keep the aesthetics of the room intact.

Acoustic Plaster over speakers

Our acoustic plaster over speakers are the perfect choice for those who want crystal clear audio without having any speakers on show. This innovative product combines acoustic plaster with modern speaker technology, giving you a seamless and invisible sound experience. With our plaster over speakers and our acoustic plaster over speakers, you can enjoy great sound without compromising on style.

Acoustic Plaster walls to Home Cinema

Acoustic Plaster to Home Cinema walls

Black Acoustic Plaster ceiling in Home Cinema

Acoustic Plaster to Home Cinema ceiling

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