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BASWA Acoustic Plaster for Commercial buildings

BASWA Commercial

Why Install Acoustic Plaster?

There has never been a better time to promote wellbeing and enhance the user experience by designing for the senses. Choose BASWA for interiors where appearance, quality, longevity and versatility are as important as the acoustics.

BASWA Acoustic Home
Swimming pool

Acoustical Plasters for architecture

Office buildings

The top complaint in open plan offices is noise – and this is both caused and solved by the interior acoustics. BASWA provides speech privacy and clarity, lowers stress and increases productivity. All this will have an impact on employee satisfaction, inclusivity, wellbeing, staff retention – and improve conference call sound quality in meeting rooms.

Acoustic plaster in a meeting room
BASWA Commercial


Studies show that acoustics is one of the most important factors to consider in a classroom, library or lecture hall. Acoustics can be improved in the classroom to reduce noise, which has a positive effect on learning, speech perception and relief for the teacher.


Pleasant room acoustics complement every restaurant experience. You probably know the feeling of sitting in a noisy restaurant and struggling to have a conversation. This is where sound absorbing acoustic solutions such as BASWA Phon or BASWA Cool come into play. With BASWA, conversations at the table become easier to understand without losing the atmosphere.

Restaurant Acoustics
Acoustic Plaster in a museum

Cultural facilities 

Architecture in modern museums has changed dramatically with hard surfaces, vaulted ceilings and exhibits characterised by audio systems. By using sound-absorbing acoustic ceilings or walls, local sound is made intelligible without amplifying ambient noise or affecting the design.

Conservation and heritage

The use of BASWA acoustic systems in historical buildings preserves the architectural integrity of the original space whilst improving the functionality. BASWA’s discreet marble surface coatings are suitable for even very sensitive conservation and heritage projects. Quiet Interiors have installed Acoustic plaster on. a number of English Heritage Sites

Acoustic Plaster for English heritage
Swimming pool

Pool and wellness facilities

BASWA is suitable for high humidity environments such as swimming pool ceilings or spa facilities. BASWA Protect offers additional water-repellent surface protection if there is a risk of splashing liquids. Seamlessly integrated acoustics for a calm and healthy interior

Architecture for all senses

Architecture is commonly associated with aesthetic, recognisable, artistic, representative buildings. One thing is always in the foreground: the sense of sight. Because we perceive visually whether a building is aesthetic, representative or recognisable. The people who spend time in it perceive the rooms with all their senses. It makes no difference whether you perceive the room consciously or unconsciously, because you cannot resist the effect of a room.

In recent years, acoustics have seldom been an issue that architects have sought to address in their planning. Sound and noise were components of a room and only a few architecture offices included this factor. Although rooms were designed with the premise that residents, guests, customers, staff or employees should feel comfortable in them, room acoustics were not considered to be a part of well-being.

However, with the growing knowledge gained from research in the field of acoustics, one thing has become more than obvious: reduced sound not only contributes to well-being, but also to health. This means that architecture plays a key role: not only does it protect people inside the building from outside influences, but it also contributes to the health of the people who spend time there.

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