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BASWA Core Acoustic Plaster
Heat Your Home or Work Place with your Ceiling

BASWA phon Base
BASWA Core acoustic Plaster

BASWA Core acoustic plaster for Ceilings

BASWA Core thermally-conductive acoustic system combines effective sound absorption with environmentally friendly concrete core activation technology.

Thermal energy from activated surfaces is dissipated from the acoustic surface using the BASWA Core acoustic panel. The BASWA Core system provides TABS buildings with seamless high performance sound absorption.

  • Two-coat system

  • System thickness: 30 / 50 mm 

  • Acoustic solution for TABS technology 

  • Sound absorption class: B (up to αw 0.80)

  • Final layer grain size 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7 mm

  • Non-combustible (A2-s1, d0) according to DIN EN 13501-1

  • Unlimited colour selection

  • U-value / 30 mm System: 4.78 [W/(m2-K)]

  • U-value / 50 mm System: 3.87 [W/(m2-K)].

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