BASWA DTG Acoustic Plaster

BASWA phon Base

BASWA DTG Acoustic plaster for Ceilings

BASWA DTG is specially engineered for direct installation to MF grid - with outstanding aesthetic and acoustic properties.

Fast installation and no requirement for plasterboard means serious programme and cost benefits. BASWA DTG adds an efficient acoustic solution to the BASWA ecosystem – with BASWA quality and performance.

  • Two-layer system

  • System thickness: 40 mm

  • Direct installation on metal grid

  • Sound absorption class: B (up to αw 0.80) 

  • Final layer grain size: 0.7 mm 

  • Non-flammable (A2-s1, d0) in accordance with DIN EN 13501

  • Standard colour ~ NCS S 0500-

  • Unlimited colour selection

BASWA DTG Installation 1
BASWA DTG Installation 2
BASWA DTG Installation 3