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Steinway Lyngdorf Specialists
Discover the Worlds Finest Audio System

Listen to Steinway Lyngdorf at our St Albans Showroom

Quiet Interiors are specialists in the very finest audio systems. If you wish to have the full experience before you purchase any of our products please get in touch or pop into one of our showrooms. Quiet Interiors have carefully selected the finest audio systems and acoustic finishes available. Our expertise lies in the design and installation of our systems.

Steinway Speakers
Steinway Lyngdorf Logo - Gold.png

Steinway Lyngdorf

Two Distinct Brands. One Unique Standard.

Welcome to a marriage made in audio heaven. Under the umbrella of the company Steinway Lyngdorf (SL Audio A/S), they offer two legendary product lines: Steinway & Sons and Lyngdorf Audio. Both brands represent the pinnacle of the audio industry, and they are proud to offer products in both lines that meet the unique needs of their customers — from experienced audiophiles and home cinema lovers to newly-awakened sound enthusiasts.

Steinway Lyngdorf is the brainchild of Danish audiophile and entrepreneur Peter Lyngdorf, who began as a distributor of home entertainment components in 1975. You can read more about their founder here.




Steinway & Sons

Experience the extraordinary.

An iconic name, and an unsurpassed audio experience. Quite simply the finest digital audio on the planet. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark, Steinway & Sons sound systems are the only loudspeakers and audio components in the world that are qualified to be manufactured in partnership with Steinway & Sons.

Steinway Lyngdorf brings together Steinway & Sons, makers of the world’s finest pianos for more than 165 years, and Peter Lyngdorf, one of the most forward-thinking audio innovators of our time.

We make everything possible, from the finest music room to your own private home cinema. Choose in-wall, in-ceiling, on-wall, on-ceiling, or freestanding loudspeakers, matched with our stereo amplifiers or the latest audio video processors – no matter the configuration, Steinway Lyngdorf combines our advanced core technologies, including RoomPerfect™ room correction, to ensure your listening experience is second-to-none.

The partnership is based on an ambitious promise – that the Steinway & Sons audio systems reproduce the sound of a Steinway & Sons grand piano to the degree that even seasoned concert pianists can not discern the difference.





Lyngdorf Audio

Technology with a purpose.

For nearly two decades, their technologies have stood as some of the greatest developments in the science of sound. They created the world ́s first fully digital amplifier, the iconic Millennium, and the most sophisticated room correction technology in existence, RoomPerfect™, and they continue to improve and innovate in everything they do.

The Lyngdorf Audio approach to product development has always been to implement technologies which are tested, proven, and supported by hard facts. Their technologies are there for a reason – to make an audible and measurable difference. Despite their advanced technologies, Lyngdorf Audio components are among the easiest to install in the audio market. They are also built to last, imbued with a strength and longevity unseen in competing products.

All Lyngdorf Audio components share the technologically advanced DNA of the legendary Steinway Lyngdorf product line, with the additional benefit of flexible connectivity and the ability to be combined with other audio and video component brands as you wish.

Our technologies are there for a reason – to make an audible and measurable difference. We continue to improve and innovate in everything we do.

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An iconic name, and an unsurpassed audio experience. Quite simply the finest digital audio on the planet

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The world leader in high-performance digital audio components for experienced audiophiles, sound and movie enthusiasts.

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