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BASWA Natural Acoustic Plaster
The Sustainable Natural acoustic Plaster

BASWA phon Base
BASWA Natural

BASWA Natural acoustic plaster for Ceilings

BASWA Natural and its pre-coating of recycled glass granules combines ecological properties with excellent sound absorption.

Sustainable materials meets acoustic functionality. BASWA Natural is made of natural fibres and provides an even more environmentally friendly option with all the acoustic benefits and finish options of BASWA Phon.


     System profile

  • Two-layer system 

  • System thickness: 40 mm 

  • Acoustic solution on natural fibres

  • Sound absorption class B (αw=0.80) 

  • Grain size of the final layer: 0.5 mm 

  • Grain size of the base layer: 0.7 mm

  • Fire performance (B-s1-d0 ) according to DIN EN 13501-1 

  • Standard colour ~ NCS S 0500 - N 

  • Unlimited colour selection

Product description and applications

The BASWA Natural acoustic panel consists of purely natural and sustainable components. BASWA Natural does not contain any harmful ingredients and has an excellent ecological balance. With acoustic panels made of natural fibres and an open-pored pre-coating of recycled glass granulate, BASWA Natu- ral combines sustainability with excellent sound absorption.

The Natural panels are glued over their entire surface onto a solid, closed substrate (usually walls, solid ceilings or suspended plasterboard ceilings) with BASWA Fix C or BASWA Fix K, jointed, sanded flat and finally coated seamlessly with the BASWA mineral acoustic coating compounds.

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