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BASWA Classic Top Acoustic Plaster
Our Finest Acoustic Finish

Baswa acoustic

BASWAphon Classic for Ceilings and Walls

System structure

First, a layer of BASWAphon Base is applied to the surface of grouted and ground acoustic panels; subsequently, the final coating BASWAphon Top is applied to this substrate. The system has been designed so that it can be applied to a suspended ceiling or directly onto concrete. The height above the surface is 30mm, 50mm or 70mm.



The granularity of the covering plaster BASWAphon Top is between 0.25mm and 0.3mm and, thus, is the finest of the BASWA coatings. BASWAphon Top is too fine to be applied directly onto the acoustic panels and, therefore, BASWAphon Base primer must be applied. This results in a very fine and even surface that is not very different from conventional whitewash. The coating compound BASWAphon Top can be removed during a renovation by using vapour; subsequently, a new layer can be applied. BASWAphon Top can be dyed in all shades. Contamination can be prevented, or removed easier later, by subsequent post-treatment using the surface protector.



With double layers and a fine porous surface, BASWAphon Classic offers good absorption characteristics.


Recommended use

Horizontal, inclined or vertical surfaces, single arches, double arches, domes and cupolas


Open this link for the Classic performance tables


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