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BASWA Acoustic Plaster design Accessories

BASWA installation platform


BASWAphon installation platform (BASWAphon IP) The BASWAphon IP is used to mount reccessed lights with bracing springs, and also acts as a stable substrate for fixing services such as surveillance cameras, fire alarms, loudspeakers, heavy ceiling lamps and similar objects. The compression-proof property of the installation platform prevents the edge breaking out; as a result, it is not necessary to mount wide cover rings. The BASWAphon IP consists of an open-pore, compression-resistant panel, is calibrated to the respective thickness of the BASWAphon-acoustic panel and can be delivered with or without the opening cut-out.

BASWA Aluminium L Profile


Edge formation with angle profiles In place of the BASWAphon edge protection, a corresponding angle profile from chrome-steel, stove-enamelled steel plate or the white PURcoated aluminium angle profile (Art. Nos. a270 and a271) from BASWA can also be used. This application forms a protection against mechanical damage. With closing angle profiles that are subjected to heat radiation, there is the danger of crack formation between the profile and the BASWAphon ceiling plaster (pay attention to the coefficient of expansion of aluminium, PVC or steel.)

BASWA Access Panels


Inspection openings The height of the BASWAphon inspection opening flaps – can be individually adjusted, and are already coated with RAL 9010 PUR. A special “breathing” acoustic inlay in the cover prevents the different aging of the surfaces. The advance airtight sealing of the side connection between the outer frame and the substrate is important. In this way, a movement of air through the neighbouring acoustic system will be prevented. Available in the dimensions 300 x 300 to 600 x 600 mm. Special dimensions on request. Otherwise, the commercially available, heightadjustable products can be used, but must first be powder coated. The cover is painted over with the basic and top collating, and thereby initially has the same surface as the ceiling. To prevent a different aging of the surface, the cover can be fitted with a “breathing” acoustic inlay of BASWA (inlay thickness 16 mm plus 2 mm coating to be included in the calculation)

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