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Acoustic solution for Kitchens

Acoustic Plaster is the perfect choice for noisy Kitchens

For all the spaces Quiet Interiors treat with Acoustic Plaster, we are often surprised how few domestic acoustics enquiries we receive. Yes, we do often get contacted about issues relating to ‘noisy neighbours’ where there is a requirement for ‘sound proofing’ (preventing noise from escaping or entering a room). But relatively few enquiring about acoustic comfort within the room from domestic clients. Those projects we have completed for residential clients have transformed spaces from being uncomfortably noisy, to calm, relaxing sound environments with a much more luxurious feel. We are not quite sure why more people don’t improved the acoustics at home – to the same extent as we do in the office.

Open Plan Acoustic problems? - Use Acoustic Plaster

Many homes now enjoy open plan living, kitchen and living spaces are often open, with solid floors, glass doors to the outside. TV on, family all together, kids making noise, the dog barking, the clash and clang of the kitchen can all combine to make the heart of the home a sub-optimal sound environment. Considerable sums of money are spent on kitchen extensions and beautiful interior wood and stone finishes, but the acoustics are often ignored with nothing to absorb noise in the liveliest parts of the home. We don’t let down our eyes with poor lighting. We don’t allow our homes to feel too cold or too hot – so why do we accept them sounding so horrendous? 

The good news is you don't have to have noisy open plan kitchens. Installing an acoustic plaster ceiling to the soffit will bring the reverberation down and give you the kitchen space you deserve. `a kitchen should be a place to relax. quiet Interiors install acoustic ceilings to kitchens throughout London and the UK.

Acoustic Plastered Kitchen Ceiling

Poor acoustics in a kitchen is a situation when sound becomes noise, a beautiful kitchen design or modern building becomes echoic. The ambience is compromised with intense reverberation as sound bounces from one hard surface to the next. quiet Interiors Acoustic Plaster system cures such issues. Call our acoustic plaster team today and learn how you can make that noise a thing of the past

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