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Take Your Acoustic Insulation to the Next Level With Our Sound Absorbing Plaster

Our acoustic plasterboard can help take your next soundproofing project to the next level. With our unique plasterboard, you can add a layer of sound absorbing plaster during the construction of your space. This means that you are starting a build with soundproofing in mind. You won’t have to worry about the added difficulties of soundproofing after the construction is over. There is less retrofitting required when you start off with our acoustic plasterboard. This is the perfect product for new builds as well as renovations that needs to take their soundproofing to the next level.

Our sound absorbing plaster is the perfect choice for a new build. If you are just starting to plan or build your next project, get in touch with us about our sound absorbing plaster. Rather than having sound absorption as an afterthought, you can use our specially-designed sound absorbing plaster to start your build with acoustics in mind. Whether you are designing a custom listening room for a high end audio experience or you are working in a space that needs all the acoustic absorption it can get, our plasterboard is the perfect choice for your next project.

If you are renovating an existing space to create the perfect listening room, our acoustic plasterboard is the right choice for your project. What separates a high end listening room from a room that just has speakers is acoustic insulation from the experts. You want to make sure that your listening experience is as pure as it can be and is as free from unwanted noise as possible. Our acoustic plasterboard helps to insulate your space from unwanted sound as well as absorb any distracting noise.

Get in touch with our company today to find out more about our sound absorbing plaster as well as our plasterboard applications.

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