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Acoustic Plaster near London

Acoustic Plaster near London

Londons Finest Acoustic Plaster

Acoustic Plaster London  - Acoustic Spray Plaster London


Specialists in High-End Acoustic Plaster Finishes | BASWA Acoustic Plasters offer a wide variety of stunning smooth and textured, shiny and matte finishes

Over the years we have built up a very good reputation with our clients with the professional and dedicated services that we provide, always creating high-quality bespoke surface designs. At Quiet Interiors we believe a satisfied customer is the key to success, customer contentment is what we strive on to maintain that prosperity.

Quiet Interiors Ltd is an exclusive company, providing our clients with an exceptional range of Acoustic plaster designs and finishes

Acoustic Plaster Ceilings In London

We offer you sophisticated Acoustic solutions in London for all types of ceiling finishes using BASWA Acoustic plaster, BASWA Acoustic gives you a broad range of styles to choose from. 

BASWA Acoustic plaster  – in colour, texture and design style. It is also a durable and eco-friendly option. Although mainly used internally, on surfaces like walls and ceilings it can also be used in wet rooms. We also offer a range of decorative plaster finishes to achieve a distinctive bespoke effect. 

Our expert craftsmanship can help you to elevate your commercial, residential and retail spaces. Whether you are looking to add a dash of personality to a room, or want to give it a new look our qualified and highly experienced team can help. We use modern, cutting edge technology when designing and handcrafting acoustic plaster, and can tailor the look to your exact requirements, meaning your room will benefit from a unique sounding plaster finish.  

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