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LIghting made for BASWA Acoustic Plaster

BASWA Lighting

Lighting that works seamlessly with the BASWA acoustic system and Savant Home Control

Recessed LED profiles are a great way of creating a flush finish when installing LED strip lighting. With specialist profiles in stock to suit a range of projects, Quiet Interiors Acoustic plaster lighting extrusions are suited to a variety of LED installs. 

Installing an LED strip within an extrusion gives a cleaner finish in the acoustic plaster as well as providing protective housing. Further to this, Aluminium profile acts as a heatsink that prevents overheating and premature failure of components. As well as protecting the LED strip, profiles reduce spotting and glare creating a more continual hue of light. Quiet Interiors offer a range of light fittings that sit perfectly into a BASWA Acoustic plaster ceiling

Quiet Interiors are experts when it comes to integrating Savant Lighting control into Baswa Acoustic plaster systems, allowing you to recall preset lighting scenes (such as TV-watching, Entertaining or Reading) from a Savant enabled iPad or iPhone. Lighting levels can even be automated, switching to the TV-watching scene when a video source is selected and reverting back to an Entertaining scene when the 

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